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Stanford Warshawsky

Bismarck Capital

Bismarck Capital L.L.C. was formed by Stan Warshawsky in 2003 as a boutique investment banking firm specialized in advising German companies on acquisition transactions in the United States. Mr. Warshawsky was previously a director for 26 years and co-president for almost 10 years of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc, until it was sold to a French bank at the end of 2002. Bleichroeder was founded in Berlin in 1803 and achieved international prominence as banker for German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Its headquarters were moved in 1935 to New York City where it became an important investment banking firm engaged in mergers and acquisitions advisory primarily for German companies, trading foreign securities and managing money.

Mr. Warshawsky, in addition to his overall activities, was head of investment banking and represented many of the largest German companies in their US acquisitions, including Siemens, Mannesmann, Bosch, Voith, MAN, Hoechst, Beiersdorf, Fuchs Petrolub, Schwarz Pharma, Heraeus, Trumpf and others. Mr. Warshawky was a corporate lawyer with Shearman & Sterling prior to joining Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc.